Ways To Make Your Kitchen Bigger

As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home and more of us wish they were just that little bit bigger. Well, there are a few tricks which you can use to give that false illusion of space.

Clutter free zone

By keeping your worktops clear it will massively enhance the illusion of space in your kitchen. There are some things which do need to stay on your worktops like your kettle but there are some things you rarely use and take up much needed space.

You could store your toaster in a cupboard as you might not use it every day and also what about that smoothie maker which you promised yourself you would use every day? I bet it  is just sitting there in the corner. Things like this can be stored away until they are needed. Your worktops will look fresh and clean and will make your kitchen look larger.

Wall space

Instead of piling stuff onto your worktops or into cupboards and making your kitchen look cluttered, utilising your wall space can make a huge improvement to your kitchen.

Putting up rails can be a cheap and simple way to minimise clutter within your kitchen and is especially good for your pots and pans.  It will also give your kitchen that rustic feel.

Just purchasing a rail from your local Ikea store will do the trick. Pop up the rail then get some strong hooks and you will be well on your way.

Integrated appliances

Try and use built in appliances where ever possible. Free standing appliances often break up the clean lines of the kitchen whereas integrated appliances can be unseen and fit in perfectly.

I know this might be a more expensive way to make your kitchen look bigger, but it will impact it massively. Hiding your dishwasher and fridge in a cupboard makes it look a lot smarter and will give it an illusion of space.

Shelf Space

Using shelf tidies is an absolute god send to your kitchen, when you are trying to maximise space in your kitchen.

They are great for stacking items and are reasonably priced. Usually you can double or even triple the space within your shelves.

Work with the corners

The corners of the kitchen are often left neglected and are usually thought of as unusable space.  You can put up some shelving to store your pots, crockery or cookbooks. Try not to over crowd them too much, but use this space to show off your best crockery.

Lighter colours

As mentioned in many of our other blogs, using lighter colours really gives an illusion of space.

Simple tricks like painting your cupboard doors in a light tone and having light coloured flooring can flood the space with natural light so it will look a lot bigger than it actually is.

Whichever way you choose to go, just remember our tips when you’re struggling to make your kitchen look larger. You can still personalise it, but don’t make it look too cluttered.