7 ways to spruce up your cottage without losing its vintage feel

Have you always wanted to get the most out of your rustic little charm?

Many buyers nowadays are opting for newer properties for its signature modern look. But what does that mean for the hidden little cottage in the country? Don’t let your property get neglected and put to the bottom of the pile. Whether you’re selling your property or looking to simply change the look of your home into a modern space – we have compiled 7 top tips to help you achieve this cute look.

If keeping your property in its rustic state but adding a twist to it is your style, then these tips will get you well underway to achieving your good look!

Simple but sophisticated

Now you don’t want to take the country straight out of the property – opt for a neutral colour scheme to get you going. Try and pick creams, pastels and neutral colours that will tie in well.

Get modern

If you want to add a modern affect with something quick and simple – a great idea is to change the handles of your already existing furniture. You more than likely already have furniture that goes with your warm, rich timbers so this simple affect can give you that contemporary twist.

Attack with art

This is an easy peasy way to introduce the modern look to your property. You don’t have to go completely off the whole country theme; you can pick art that suits your personal taste and add a contemporary look by surrounding it in a decorative frame.

Splash some colour

We all love the traditional beams that you get with a cottage so why not take advantage of this and add bright splashes of colour (reds and oranges) which will really give you a fresh look against the original beams.

Play it cool in the kitchen

When choosing what to pick in your kitchen, look for something that will still give you that rustic feel. Adding a shaker-style cabinet can make this achievable. Also add colour to your cabinets with a pale but eye catching colour. My personal favourite is a duck egg blue which really gives you that homely feel.

Opt for eyelet curtains

Another simple way to make your property look more modern is adding eyelet curtains. This is a type of curtain where is it hung directly from the pole without the need for hooks.

Don’t go mad with furniture

Lastly, and most importantly, keep your furniture as simple as can be. The last thing you want is an extravagant chair to draw attention away from your lovely cottage’s character. Opt for easy shapes and you will soon notice the difference.