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Acquisition Advice

Our surveying acquisition advice service gives you and the surveyor the opportunity to spend several hours together touring the subject property. Any defects and/or factors that the surveyor regards as necessary considerations prior to purchasing the property, will be explained in full detail to the client onsite. This enables them to be put into context without the need, or expense, of a written report.

“The costs of this service are usually very competitive and often much lower compared to a similar inspection where the survey is followed by a formal written report. This is due to reduced time spent on admin.”

This particular style of survey makes it easier and clearer for those who would either like to know everything about the property, or those that simply require a second opinion from a suitable professional. Typically, the level of inspection common with acquisition advice is the same as a building survey, however, its bespoke nature allows for a less detailed inspection should that be required.

Acquisition advice offers a great option for clients that are pushed for time and cannot afford the turn-around-time associated with the production of a written report. You get the information you need on the day, with the defects we’ve found right in front of you. You can pick the surveyor’s brains about possible solutions and plans for the future.

You take your own notes

In summary, this is a verbal report with no written record provided – you are however, welcome to bring along your own pad of paper and pen to note down any key points of interest.

To understand more about how our acquisition advice could help you, you can give us a call on 0800 880 6024, email advice@rightsurveyors.co.uk, chat with us using the widget in the bottom right of the page or submit an enquiry using our handy contact form by clicking the button below.

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