Glamorous Bedroom Retreat

This could be your lucky day; we have 5 ideas to change your room around quickly and without breaking the bank. We all know that during the autumn months we look to our bedroom to hibernate away from the world and from the dark days. Who wants to sleep in a room that they don’t feel comfortable in? We know we don’t.

Creating a relaxing space does not need to be hard, painting is always the most affordable and DIY-friendly option for a room redo. You firstly need to decide what look you’re going for with the room. If you want a more relaxing feel, try neutral colours or even grey paint. Grey paint goes well with almost anything and also gives your room a more sophisticated look. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of being a bit more daring, try trendy bright colours to keep your spirits high.

You can not only paint the walls but paint the furniture. This creative idea can give an edgy vintage look to any room with only a lick of paint. If you want to start small, simply paint a bookcase or the trim of your dressing side table or the legs of a chair. You can either go for bold colours or a crisp white to give you that signature look.

One of the most important parts of redecorating is updating your bed covers. Think about it logically, you spend a good amount of time a day in your bed so spend your budget where it matters. But again, this doesn’t have to break the bank… you could simply swap to a new affordable duvet cover which can transform your whole room. Even adding a few more pillows or adding blankets can give that ‘plump bed’ feeling we’ve all been dreaming of.

Lights are also a key factor to making a room superb and can add interest to an otherwise simple room. Whether it’s a main statement light fixture or just a new bedside lamp, it can make all the difference. When a room is light, it automatically makes the room look bigger and could be a great tip for those of you selling or renting your property.

There is a new trend that is bouncing about – layered rugs. Instead of paying a fortune for one large rug, people are buying different sized ones and layering them on top of each other. Rugs are a simple way to give your room an expensive look for a lot less. These don’t need to be designer rugs, you could simply purchase one off a bidding site such as Ebay, MadBid & Gumtree.

The bed is the most decorative feature of my room. With pale walls it is easy to get a glamorous style with a bed cover by creating noticeable contrasts. A few simple steps can give you the feel of living in luxury which is affordable and yet just as comfortable.