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RSAM is currently split into four departments: Capital Allowances, ECO, Party Wall and Property Management. Please see below for a short summary of each department, or click on the orange links to find out more.

RSAM’s private and public sector clients include housing associations, numerous private sector companies, solicitors, local planning authorities and various public sector bodies.

“Our wide range of skills means we can keep almost every job ‘in house’, so you won’t have to pay for us to manage other contracts.”

Right Surveyors Asset Management Ltd (RSAM) covers the whole of England and Wales and consists of a team of fully qualified Chartered Surveyors with extensive experience in commercial and residential property. We use up-to-date techniques and technologies to ensure fast turn-around times and provide competitive quotes for a wide range of services in the corporate sector. Operating without the significant overheads inherent in particularly London based practices, we provide particularly cost-effective solutions.

Capital Allowances

If you have bought, leased or improved a commercial property within the last few years, HMRC allows you to use some of that expenditure to reduce tax. You might already be aware of this fact, but most commercial property owners only claim on the biggest, easiest items. That means that many thousands of allowances go unclaimed on commercial properties; something which our specialist plant & machinery surveyors are adept at finding and calculating. Working in conjunction with a specialist tax accountant, our Capital Allowances planning therefore enables our clients to obtain a tax benefit which could well exceed 10% of the property purchase price – often five or six figure sums.

Eligibility typically extends to all types of commercial property and we operate on a ‘no successful claim, no fee’ policy, so do get in touch today to find out just how we can help.


The ECO department at Right Surveyors Asset Management focuses on producing thousands of chartered surveyor reports for construction companies, insulation installers and energy consultants all over the country, to satisfy the stringent guidelines of the Government’s Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation) Order 2012 in its most recent incarnation – ECO 2.0. We can provide the required Chartered Surveyor’s Recommendation Reports for cavity insulation, solid wall insulation and loft insulation under CERO or CSCO.

In a period where funding is being squeezed, we understand that margins are everything to our clients. We offer very low costs per unit and, crucially, we don’t need to inspect the property. We can therefore offer a much more cost-competitive solution than Green Deal Advisers, who have to personally assess each and every unit being insulated.

“We pride ourselves on providing fast turnaround times, with reports returned typically within one day of submission.”

If you require any type of survey work under the ECO scheme, or would like to know more about the services our ECO department can offer, please contact us to speak to our energy specialist.

Party Wall

Our Party Wall Department specialises in helping corporate entities – mostly architects and developers – to deal with issues under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 involving multiple adjoining owners. We operate primarily for the ‘Building Owner’ and focus on commercial projects and large scale contracts in London and beyond. We have extensive experience of resolving difficult neighbour issues with regards to the Party Wall Act and take a diplomatic approach to mediating and resolving such disputes. Multi-neighbour party wall issues can stall development and cost thousands in delays, we work hard to ensure a smooth process and a fast resolution.

Perhaps of greatest interest to our London clients, we operate without a physical office presence in the capital, which means low overheads. For the client, this means we can provide a high-quality of service, with a single, experienced point of contact through a whole contract, for a fraction of the fee most London firms charge. The result is a significant boost to the bottom line.

More on our Party Wall services can be found here Party Wall.

Property Management

Managing a portfolio of properties is a complex business and specialists are often needed to assess stock, carry out routine maintenance schedules, advise on developments, oversee investments and react to defects as they appear.

We offer a competent team of up to 21 fully qualified Chartered Surveyors for any given project, led capably by a Chartered Surveyor who has worked for decades in the property industry and developed a wide range of experience and expertise.

More information about our property management services can be found here.

Contact the Right Surveyors Asset Management office on our local rate number 0345 387 9387 or freephone 0800 880 6862. Alternatively you can email asset.management@rightsurveyors.co.uk, use the simple form on our Contact Page or chat with one of the team using the button in the bottom right of this screen.

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