Boost Your Property’s Value By Improving Your Garden

We all know that first impressions count when it comes to selling your property. But we seem to spend all our time and money on the inside and end up neglecting your garden.

The garden can be the heart of the home in the summer as that is where, ideally, we’d all spend most of our time. So what can you do to make this the real deal clincher? Just follow some of our steps below.

Let’s keep it simple to start with. Just mowing your lawns and tidying up overgrown hedges and trees. You need to tidy up anything which is going to be hard to maintain for your potential buyer. If they see it is easy to maintain and tidy you might be on to a real winner.

Having a pond in your garden is unsurprisingly a good selling point. It is a traditional feature and will look fabulous. It will give your property a unique selling point which will stick in your buyer’s minds if they are looking at a number of potential properties.

If you already have a pond you should tidy it up and make it look presentable. If you don’t you could build one. They might not be the cheapest addition to your garden but will give it the wow factor!

What are you doing with your shed at the moment? Is it sitting in the corner of your garden, overgrown and uneasy on the eye? Revamp your shed to make it into the key feature of your garden. Even if you do just store old tools in it, you could make it look like it belongs in your garden. If you are looking to transform it into something a little bit more extravagant check out our blog here for some inspiration.

You can also try something as simple as beautiful, colourful flowers and plants. One bright plant or flower can really make your garden stand out and bring life to it.

Anything which looks good can really impact the sale of your property. Try and keep it simple yet sophisticated. If you have any children’s toys, try and store them when you have a viewing.

We wish you all the best with the sale of your property.