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What is a boundary survey?

A boundary survey is a procedure by which a Chartered Surveyor establishes the boundaries or edges of a piece of land or estate. Essentially, a boundary survey is just the interpretation and accurate measuring of evidence on the surface on the earth.

The client is best served by having a boundary survey completed before the purchase of the tract, whether a house and grounds, agricultural land or estate. This will ensure that any potential problems such as encroachments or easements are discovered, reported and eliminated, if possible, before contracts are signed and any money changes hands. To do this thoroughly would require a Chartered Surveyor and solicitor working side by side.

What does a boundary survey involve?

Usually, a Chartered Surveyor gets involved with boundary survey work to resolve a dispute between neighbours. Conflict over the exact position of legal boundaries, particularly where those boundaries are not clearly marked with a hedge or fence, can be an emotional and highly-charged issue. A competent Chartered Surveyor will conduct a boundary survey efficiently and sensitively, bringing closure to the most complex of disputes.

Initially, the Chartered Surveyor needs to obtain a copy of the title deeds of the property to be surveyed. It is also quite important to gather the deeds, maps, records and/or plans available for the neighbouring properties. These documents are obtained through the Land Registry office, the county council, historical files and other survey records. It is always a good idea to collect as much information as possible in an effort to reveal possible discrepancies between documents and ensure you get the full picture.

After examining the documents, our surveyors will visit the site to take the necessary measurements and examine any evidence found to determine the exact property boundaries. Ultimately, our surveyors will ensure that both you and your neighbour are in no doubt as to the extent of your tract, which can save thousands on protracted legal battles.

What if I need a land survey for another reason?

It’s not just boundary disputes that result in the involvement of a Chartered Surveyor. Specialist land surveyors are required for a number of processes, particularly in the construction industry, including topographical surveys and ‘setting out’ often required before a development begins.

Whilst many Chartered Surveyors can preside over boundary disputes, the specialist equipment and know-how required in other land survey works mean that a Chartered Land Surveyor is often required. Whilst the Right Surveyors does not have any specialist land surveyors within our ranks, we do have a firm of consultants who specialise in that field and can help with land survey requirements across England. Like the Right Surveyors, they work to the highest standards of property professionalism.

“Through the use of cutting-edge technology, our land surveying consultants can measure distances with extreme accuracy.”

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