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All building surveys involve an on-site inspection of the property and the preparation of a bespoke report. Where they vary is in the detail – surveys can be basic or extremely thorough depending on your needs, the property itself and your budget.

The full extent of the inspection and the method of reporting will be confirmed when the client instructs their Right Surveyor to proceed and will be confirmed in the Conditions of Engagement which are issued and agreed before inspection. Each set of terms is directly between you and your surveyor, so you can hold them accountable for fulfilling those obligations. This will include such matters as specialist reports, fee terms and whether a market valuation is included. Depending on the report chosen, guidance and detailed comment will be given on individual defects, cost of repair and any other aspects of concern.

Our full range of building surveys

There are a number of building assessments possible and a full description of each can be found by clicking on the links below. To better select the most appropriate service, we do advise speaking to the Chartered Surveyor who knows the area well and can discuss your individual requirements.

It’s not just old buildings that need surveys!

Although a building survey is relevant for all types of modern buildings, a thorough survey is particularly useful and informative for older structures, listed buildings, those which have been extended (or for which you have extension plans) and those converted to commercial use. But don’t think that because your building is new it doesn’t need a survey, even brand new properties have issues and, with an NHBC guarantee usually in place for ten years after construction, you would be well advised to catch them early – that way you won’t be the one paying for the solution!

Feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page where you can telephone, email, or chat with us live. You will then be able to discuss the most appropriate course of action and make a fully considered decision.

A bespoke service

Often, the most appropriate type of inspection varies from client to client, property to property. In our view, that means personal advice before choosing the service which best fits your needs is essential. All our Chartered Surveyors will adapt and carry out a bespoke building inspection to suit your individual needs.

Sometimes our Chartered Surveyors are onsite and therefore unable to take your call. If you telephone and are put through to answerphone, please do leave a message, or email the surveyor direct. He or she will call you back as soon as possible.

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