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Whenever you buy, lease or improve a commercial property, HMRC allows you to use some of that expenditure to reduce tax. Our Capital Allowances planning enables our clients to obtain a tax benefit which could well exceed 10% of the property purchase price – often five or six figure sums.

“Eligibility typically extends to all types of commercial property so do get in touch today to find out just how much we can help you save.”

We provide our capital allowances service as a joint effort between two companies – Endeavour Tax Partners Ltd and Right Surveyors Asset Management Ltd. The former provides the taxation services and is ultimately the point of contact and invoicing party. The latter provides the surveying and the essential signing off by a qualified surveyor along with  expert consultation services which ensure you get the most out of our service.

Helping you save

The reason many companies don’t fully exploit their potential for property capital allowances is that their accountants are not aware of, or do not have the required skills to identify, the full extent of applicable items, such as plant and machinery.

Thus, combining a team of expert chartered surveyors and taxation specialists leaves no stone unturned. This is the fundamental reason we can extract thousands of additional, legitimate capital allowance claims even from properties where claims have already been made.

Right Surveyors Ian Dony

“Ian Dony works as the chartered surveyor in our Capital Allowances department – calculating the value of property, plant and machinery in the claim.”

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