Worst Estate Agents

If you thought your estate agent was a pain, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you may have got off lightly. We have gathered up some horrific stories about the worst estate agents and now you can find out what really happens in your house when they just don’t care…

The estate agent who stole

Have you ever been so hungry that you’ve eaten food from a client’s home? A gentleman in London sure has! As he was showing prospective renters around a property in Walthamstow he was caught on security cameras stealing a chocolate bar.

But is this the only time estate agents have behaved badly?

Unfortunately not! He’s not the only estate agent to try and steal something from a client’s property. A 24-year-old home-owner from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire had her iPad stolen from her bedroom. She was sure that she had put it on to charge before she gave the keys to her agent to show people around. Unluckily for agent, she was able to track the iPad on her iPhone and watched it move across town to his address. But did they get away with this horrible crime? No, Glenn Tuxford, 19, was sentenced to 40 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £310 in compensation.

The estate agent who broke the security gates

Now if you’ve ever been into an estate agency over the summer period, you will know that it might be filled with stressed people venting their frustrations, but is this really the best way to take your anger out?

A lady was taken to a gated house in Surrey, but unfortunately once they turned up the gates wouldn’t open – the estate agent had punched the wrong code into the access interface. Instead of calling the office to find out the code, this agent got hold of the gates and wrenched them open. Even when he left the property, he just pushed them to as if they weren’t broken… We recommend some kick boxing lessons or a stress ball to try and de-stress you at work!

And funnily enough, the lady did not decide to buy the property on the grounds that the agent was so awful.

The estate agent who killed the family pet

I think this must be the most awkward and awful one! An estate agent went to deliver a moving-in card for a couple that he had just sold a house to. As he was backing out of the drive, he ran straight over the cat. He did however say that “we pride ourselves on being an agency of integrity, so I had to swallow my pride and go back and tell them.”

I know for sure that I would feel awful to tell anyone that their pet had died, let alone being the person that killed it!

Now not all estate agents are bad, most of them are trustworthy and efficient, but you do come across those who drive you around the bend and cause havoc! We want to know if you have any horror stories about a past or present estate agent.

Can you beat these shameful examples? Share them with us!

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