The Most Valuable Rooms Are When Selling Your Property

We all know that with today’s property market getting the highest value from your current property could be the difference between getting your hands on your dream home and missing out. You want to make sure that you’re getting the very best price possible when it comes to selling your property.

But how can you be positive that you’re getting the highest value for your home? With a few select home renovations and paying attention to detail in the rooms of your home, you could beat the UK housing market and see your house price dramatically rise.

The answer to selling your beautiful home is to recognise who your target market is. You want to make your property appeal to these people more than anyone else. We’ve identified the three most valuable rooms in your home and with these tips; you could see your home’s value and its ultimate appeal increase.

Your bathroom

Nothing can beat a good old bath at the end of a hard day’s work and with more and more of us leading this increasingly busy lifestyle; we’re using the bathroom as a place of sanctuary. Of course spas and saunas can give you the luxury you’re looking for; but high-quality bathrooms are fast becoming a good, cheap alternative.

Families will more than likely be looking for a large room with a bath so that they can bathe their children. However, young professionals won’t often have a lot of time to enjoy a long soak in the bath and may look for a home with a bathroom that features a decent electric shower. The younger generation is more likely to be wooed by a cascading, waterfall type shower head for example, and it is worth remembering that small features like this can have a disproportionate effect on saleability and end value. Again, you will need to figure out who you’re appealing to and what you will need to include.

Your kitchen

The heart of the home for many families is the kitchen. They will be looking for a room that oozes warmth while still remaining practical. This will ultimately become their main room for gathering together and spend quality time in. Look for objects that give an affectionate feel and make sure that it does not feel uninviting or draughty.

On the other hand, young couples or even single professionals probably won’t spend as much time in the kitchen and will opt for yummy takeaways. Therefore, if you’re looking to target young professionals, you will need to create a kitchen that is more practical than homely. Think of clean, white, crisp work tops with handy appliances that won’t appear overwhelming. Young professionals also love technology, so look at see-through glass kettles and funky appliances to add a modern edge.

Your living room

Even though it is important to have an inviting kitchen, the living room obviously still needs to catch their eye. Although it needs the overall feeling of comfort, it also needs to be practical for children who want somewhere they can play, watch TV and even do their homework (if you’re lucky). Therefore, when people view your home, make sure that your lounge isn’t too cluttered and doesn’t appear messy.

Alternatively, young couples and professionals may be looking for an easy to maintain room that they can relax in. An investment you may want to consider is to install wooden flooring as this will allow for easy cleaning. You could then also add some rugs and add patterned cushions to your sofa to keep the sense of comfort and to ensure it looks inviting.