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Expert Witness Report

An expert witness, professional witness, judicial expert (or “skilled witness” in Scotland) is a witness, who by virtue of education, training, skill or experience, is believed to have sufficient expertise in a particular subject to advise the court. As such, they possess sufficient knowledge that others may officially and legally rely upon that witness’s specialised opinion about key evidence or facts at issue within the scope of his expertise. This is referred to as the “expert opinion” – an assistance to the fact-finder.

“All our legal testimonials and Expert Witness Reports are impartial and uninfluenced by instructing or paying clients.”

A surveyor’s primary duty in creating an expert witness report is not to a particular client, but to the tribunal. Our surveyor’s primary duty to that tribunal is to ensure that the expert evidence provided is, and must be seen to be, an independent and unbiased product, falling within their expertise, experience and knowledge. It must state the main facts and assumptions it is based upon, and not omit material facts that might be relevant to the conclusions.

We do not stray from the duties of an expert witness by acting in a partial, misleading or untruthful manner.

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