Gardening super hacks!

If you have green fingers, you can often find yourself wanting to make the most of your garden. But what are those handy tips to make everything run smoothly? We have compiled four top tips that you definitely need to try out this year.

Vacuum your artificial lawn

There are many people nowadays opting for an artificial lawn to save them the hassle of mowing, fertilizing and they look great all year round. But did you know you can hoover them? This will save you grabbing a broom and removing any dirt yourself, however, make sure that the ground is completely dry before starting this!

Compost heap

Now this isn’t the most delightful tip but urinating on your garden can really help your plants grow. Why not add some to your compost heap? Did you know the acid in your wee increases the rate of decomposition? This handy tip can give you a wonderful garden in no time.

Bubble wrap

If you’re anything like me, you love to pop bubble wrap until you just can’t! But have you ever thought about using it for anything else? Bubble wrap can be used as a great insulation for your taps, plant pots and even your greenhouse windows. This will protect them from those frosty months (or the whole year knowing the English weather).

Drop a penny

Are you thinking of cutting some of your lovely flowers to showcase them indoors? When popping them in a vase, add a copper penny in the water. This will keep the flowers healthy and fungus free as copper is a natural fungicide and draws out all the fungus, making them keep for longer.

We’d love to know your gardening tips and tricks that you’ve gathered over the years – share them with us!