Guest Blog: 5 Brilliant ways to decorate your flat for cheap

Guest blog from Strategic Capital

Having a comfortably decorated home will make you happier and less stressed. You know it’s true. Sure, most articles online will talk about how it is okay to have a messy house, because having time to do things you enjoy is more important. Other articles will say that where you live doesn’t matter, it’s how you live. And these things are true; yet, it is also true that a well-organised home that adheres to good design principles can reduce stress.

The ancient Chinese even knew it

The Chinese art of Feng Shui explains how colour, design, layout and organisation of one’s home can create feelings of relaxation, contentment and health. The short of it is that you do not have to own a mansion to be happier, or decorate your home with expensive furniture. However, decorating your house or apartment in a way that suits your personality and your lifestyle can lead to an improved overall sense of well-being. But how can you get it done on a budget? Good news! There are many options, like these tips…

Do it yourself

From modest modifications to an entire makeover, you can do it yourself. Save designer’s fees by becoming your own designer. Look through magazines and cut out clippings that you like or take photos of pictures at the library, or even at hotels or shopping centres. Create a Pinterest account and you will find mountains of inspiration.

Make a budget

While you are planning, work on saving up a bit of money to actually enact your design plans. You might stop eating out for a few months and squirrel that money away for decorating. Need a bit more? Once you know how much you have, set a budget for your decorating and stick to it.

Repurpose materials

You can make old spaces new, easily and using what you have on hand. For example, nothing refreshes a space like fresh flowers, but you need somewhere to put them. Create beautiful and original vases out of unusual items. For example, paint your old water glasses using inexpensive glass paint from a craft store to create beautiful flower vases. Change your flowers seasonally to update your look fast and bring nature indoors.

Hang canvases on blank walls

In your parent’s day art always had to be framed to be considered “art”. Today, unframed canvases are beautiful and yet inexpensive ways to bring colour and style to a room. Websites such as etsy and ebay can be great places to grab inexpensive canvas art that makes a statement and delivers for a relatively cheap price. But you can also have a photo that you took printed on canvas at many places for very reasonable prices.

Decorate your walls with plate art

Hanging plates on the wall is back in style! What better way to enjoy that partial set of old china that you inherited or those amazing pieces that you have been finding at flea markets! A single plate can bring colour to a small nook while 6 or 9 plates can be hung in a pattern to decorate a large wall. And remember, decorative plates aren’t just for the kitchen and dining room!
Purchase some matching side tables for your living room to make it look complete. We all see those “complete room” sets advertised by furniture stores for a few hundred pounds. While most designers disdain the overly matched look of a total room, the fact is that having a couple of pieces that match well can help to bring order to an otherwise cluttered space. So if your home feels mismatched and uncoordinated consider buying a pair of side tables, or a couch and matching chair, to bring a little affordable order to the chaos.

Disclaimer – This is a guest blog written by a third party. This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Right Surveyors Ltd or any of its affiliated companies.