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We have recently been in contact with They are a bespoke letting agency that specialise in lettings and property management of residential property. They cover Ellesmere Port, Liverpool, The Wirral and Chester.

Rightmove is by far and away the biggest portal for us estate & letting agents. Understanding how to get the most from Rightmove will be one of the best business decisions you take. Here are some keys points you need to consider and implement NOW!

  • No Picture Means No Sale

You simply must have pictures on your advert, even a poorly taken picture is better than none at all. If there are no pictures associated to your advert, people will either assume the interior is shocking or have nothing to make a proper assessment on, which will cause your potential customers to move onto the next advert. Adverts with pictures will get a minimum of five times the response, than those that don’t in my experience.

  • Picture Presentation

Building on the point above, you must ensure the pictures are presented correctly. This means you need to give time and thought to the angle, light and size of the room and making use of any features the room may have. Also make sure the pictures are sized correctly for Rightmove.  It also goes without saying that the property description should be punctually correct so that the property attracts the right target market that will be willing to buy or let the property.

  • Property Pricing

When making decisions on dropping the price of the property, remember that Rightmove works on increments of £50, so if you are going to drop a price from £600 to £575, you will proportionally get greater results if you drop to £550 because of how people search.

  • Refresh Refresh

Regularly refresh your properties for example if a property has been on for a few weeks, consider changing the order of pictures of adding/deleting some, this will hopefully stop the property becoming ‘stale’. Buyers who missed your property the 1st time around might be interested the second time around, but not if they think they have already discounted the property

  • Monitor Your CTR (Click through rate)

If your CTR is very low, consider why this might be. Is it because the price is too high? If it’s in a less affluent area, could it be a high deposit it putting people off? Review your CTR at least once a week!

  • Get Dressed?

Yes why not dress your properties. Here’s an example of one of ours……..

  • Competitor Analysis

Look at what others are doing and see if you can use any of their ideas with your advertising, it might be they have particular USP (Unique Selling Position), that you could adapt to your style!

As business owners we are all shy of time, however it takes very little time to log into Rightmove and review your statistics once a week. You will notice mistakes and areas that you or your staff can improve in. This minuscule small time investment will be repaid.