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The guys over at easyhomeown.co.uk have developed an innovative solution for overcoming the strict lending conditions currently imposed by the banks. They’ve written a short piece below to elaborate on what they can offer home buyers around England and Wales…

Here at “Easy Home Own”, our team of highly trained and experienced staff are always on hand to assist you and answer all of your questions, relating to you becoming the proud owner of your own home without the need to apply to a bank for a mortgage.

Our very easy and transparent system has helped hundreds of people just like you to get a foothold onto the property ladder and move away from renting, giving them the security of owning their own home and all the benefits that brings.

Since the property crash and global economic crisis we experienced back in 2007, it has become apparent the banks are no longer prepared to lend to those individuals or families that do not meet their very stringent criteria. The government have forced lenders (and rightly so) to be more responsible in their lending policy due to their previous lack of underwriting procedures and willingness to lend money to almost anybody who applied for a loan.

We at “Easy Home Own” have recognised this as being a huge issue for those wishing to own their own home and are prevented from doing so due to the previous mismanagement by the banks. Now the big problem is, if you’re labelled by the banks as being one of the following, you just do not qualify for a mortgage and are locked out of home ownership. The only alternative is living with family or renting, not a great choice compared with just less than 10 years ago when the banks just couldn’t lend enough money to whoever asked.

The following is a list of just a few reasons why people are excluded from borrowing from the banks:

  • Self-employed with insufficient accounting information.
  • Those with impaired credit.
  • Low credit score.
  • New to the UK with no permanent right to reside.
  • European Union community members need to wait 5 years before applying for a mortgage.
  • People who cannot show affordably due to lifestyle

Yes, people are being turned down every day, in many cases because they missed last month’s credit card payment or they rely on overtime to subsidise their income, because they’re on a zero hours contract, or because they smoke, drink socially or regularly enjoy a holiday abroad. People of all kinds are finding that the banks refuse to lend to them based upon the affordability of their lifestyle.

“Easy Home Own” is now making the whole process of home ownership easy, straightforward and most importantly making it available to everyone, yes people just like you.

Our helpful team of professionals will simply assess your ability of purchasing one of our many properties which are located over the entire UK. Once we have had sight of your income details, proof of deposit and ID, we will accompany you to the property of your choice for a detailed viewing.

Once you’ve approved the property and have decided to proceed, you will have either 28 or 60 days to exchange contracts and of course you will need solicitors to do this work for you. Upon exchange of contracts you will be asked to pay the agreed deposit to your solicitors, together with your first month’s instalment towards the purchase of your new home. We will make arrangements for you to collect your new keys on the day.

Getting into home ownership doesn’t have to be difficult and is available to everyone; I believe it is our right to own our own homes. So apply today; take your first step onto the property ladder and enjoy all the benefits the owing your own home can bring.

Disclaimer – This a guest blog provided by a third party. It does not represent the view or opinions of Right Surveyors Ltd or any of its affiliated companies and should not be construed as any sort of endorsement, recommendation or guarantee for the service(s) offered by the author.

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