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When moving house, people are often surprised at just how much money they have to spend on moving furniture and belongings to their new property. A bit of research and a few easy changes can make a huge difference and save you hundreds of pounds when it comes to moving day. Our
top 4 tips will help you minimise the cost and make your move as easy as possible

  • Sell, Sell, Sell – Human beings have a natural instinct to hoard, we all do it. We all have that cupboard full of old sports gear, furniture and things we will never use again but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. When it comes to moving, this clutter will add to your stress load and cost you money. More items means more boxes and more time for the removal company. By selling what you can (easily done through Gumtree or eBay) you’ll make your move easier whilst pocketing a bit of extra cash to offset the cost. Be ruthless, on average we use 20% of the things in our homes 80% of the time so you’re looking for a much bigger ‘throw away’ pile than ‘keep’ pile. This approach can be even more beneficial with furniture that you use now but won’t be right for your new place. These items tend to be the things that cost the most to move and on top of that the money that you earn from selling these can be put towards buying the perfect furniture for your new place.
  • Do a deal or do it yourself – Choosing whether to hire a van and move yourself or to get the professionals in can be a complicated decision. You should give real consideration to the time and effort cost of moving yourself. Whilst hiring a van and moving yourself can appear to be temptingly cheap, if you or your partner has to take an extra day off work then you should factor in how much that day off is worth to you, not to mention the added stress that you’re giving yourself. This decision depends very much on the size of your property and how flexible your work is. If you’re moving from a 1 bed flat you will most likely save money doing it yourself however if you’re moving a 3 bed townhouse, you’re probably best leaving it to the professionals. If you’ve decided that you want to use a removal company, then don’t be afraid to haggle. We always recommend getting 3 – 4 quotes from local firms and then using these to negotiate the price down with your preferred company. Most removal firms will price match competitors so be smart and you could end up with a top end firm at a knock down price.
  • Get ahead of the game – There are plenty of things that you can do before the removal company arrives that will help reduce the time you need to pay them for. With many firms charging by the half day their time can become very expensive very quickly. One great way to save yourself time is to dismantle your flat pack furniture before they arrive, pack as many boxes as you’re are able to and leave them within easy reach of the front door. Be aware that removal companies will not usually cover you for damage to items that you pack yourself so you may want to leave fragile or oddly shaped items to the professionals.
  • Avoid the rush – We all know the horrors of London in rush hour, and that’s just with only yourself to cart around let alone the entire contents of your flat. It goes without saying that avoiding the rush hour traffic when moving is well worth it. It’s not just your blood pressure that’s at risk as any delays will likely be coming out of your pocket. Even if you’re not being charged by the hour, a delay can easily cause you to run over your time slot whether that be a half-day or even into the next day. The key to missing the rush is getting out of the door comfortably before 1pm, which will save you a huge amount of hassle and probably money too. On top of this, Fridays tend to be the most popular day to move and as a result removal companies will often offer discounts to move between Monday and Thursday. If you are hiring a van and moving yourself it you should try to move on the weekend when the roads are quieter.

Although these all sound simple you’d be amazed at how many people ignore these tips. By following these 4 simple steps you could save hundreds of pounds and a lot of stress. By selling what you don’t need, negotiating, doing what you can yourself and timing your move well, you’ll be able to minimise the cost of moving and end up with much needed extra cash you can put towards your new place.

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