Guest Blog: How lighting can help you sell your home

Poor lighting conditions can transform an otherwise spectacular home into a drab and depressing place that a buyer would rather forget. And that’s a problem for anyone looking to sell their home – make a poor first impression and you can wave goodbye to the buyer. But, it needn’t cost you a fortune to make the changes you need. In fact, when you’re on the cusp of placing your home for sale, you should aim to make adjustments that maximize the appeal of your home for as little cost as possible.

It’s not always about the lightbulbs

First things first, poor lighting doesn’t always mean you need to install new light fittings and fixtures. It could just be that the furniture, paint or flooring is too monotone or muddy to give the eye a good sense of depth. If you feel that the darkest parts of your home can be affected by some basic interior decorating, this should be your first priority. Start simple with lighter bed sheets and curtains. Think about repainting darker walls in a lighter shade.

Another great trick to make your rooms brighter is to invest in some large mirrors. Place on one side of the room, preferably on the opposite side of a window. Remember, anything with a glossy finish will help reflect light, so don’t limit this to just mirrors. You can add framed pictures and paint furniture, window frames/sills and room doors using high gloss paint.

When it is about lightbulbs

If lighting is the cause, begin by making sure all your lighting is supplying the recommended wattage for each room. As a general rule, you can calculate the recommended wattage by multiplying the square feet of a room by 1.5. For example, a 15ft x 16ft room has a square footage of 240 feet, and will therefore require a total wattage of 360 watts (240 sq. ft X 1.5).

Energy saving bulbs are great on the wallet and easier on the eyes for most people. However, they may not provide a bright enough light for presentation purposes. If this is the case, try looking for ambient lamps to fill any gaps in the corners of rooms that need help. Alternatively, consider swapping to LED lighting. LED bulbs are as efficient as energy saving bulbs, but carry the added advantage that they provide an “instant” on light source. In contrast, energy saving bulbs take a little while to “warm” up. The Guardian newspaper has a great guide to LED lights here.

Don’t forget the outdoors

Exterior lighting is easily overlooked, but it can help boost a buyers’ interest even before they’ve stepped a foot indoors. There are plenty of budget friendly solutions running on battery and solar power that can be very effective. Start with lighting a pathway to your front door and/or garage. You’ll want an easy to follow trail of lights that gently leads potential buyers toward your home.

It’s a great way to create a homely impression for potential buyers who may drive by during the evening.

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