Nearly half a million noise complaints are made to local authorities per year. THIS is how to avoid noise pollution at your new home

The good people over at Noise Info have put together this information piece to introduce their services, which may be useful for home buyers just beginning their conveyancing journey…

At present, despite its capacity to cause real distress there are no questions about noise being asked by most solicitors at any point in the conveyancing process. The one possible exception to this is the question about disputes with neighbours on the current questionnaire, but this only comes into play when the dispute has reached a high level and has been formally recorded by the council or the police.

Attempting to clarify noise problems with casually phrased questions during viewings and afterwards has no weight in the eyes of the law and the questions are regularly answered falsely by vendors to protect the sale.

Ultimately, the conveyancing process still heavily relies on the principle of ‘caveat emptor’ and much emphasis is still placed on the buyer to conduct their own checks.

The responsibility for checking this important issue rests with the purchaser and there is currently no mechanism in place within the standard conveyancing process.

Staggeringly, despite noise being cited as the most common nuisance that can affect house-holders, it is often not investigated by buyers who either overlook the issue or struggle to find the information they need.

That gap in consumer knowledge is now being filled by the team at who provide information on noise disturbance levels caused by people, pets, machinery, traffic, wind turbines, businesses operating during anti-social hours and more.

Their website allows you to obtain reports currently ignored by the conveyancing process, which are designed to inform, reassure and educate you on whether you are making the correct choice when purchasing. The downloadable information packs also provide questionnaires to give to the vendor, allowing you to obtain first-hand information about residential disturbance.

Magnus Willatts Managing Director and Founder of Noise Info says:

“Both house buying and renting can come at breathtaking expense and from my experience of working in property conveyancing, noise pollution can no longer be overlooked. Your solicitor should support any sensible independent enquiries that you wish to make and we can provide you with the framework to do so”

For more information you are welcome to visit or email them directly: