It might be slightly too early to make judgements but following the rush in property purchases prior to the April Stamp Duty deadline for second homes, we are expecting a tougher few months with the number of potential buyers likely to fall.

That is why it is essential if you are selling your home that you make sure it is looking at its’ very best. Here we are going to provide you with our 5 top tips, these are all straight forward but are going to mean that your property has that all important wow factor.

1. Declutter

In property size does matter. Before advertising your property ensure you have a good clear out of any unwanted and unnecessary items to maximum that feeling of space.

2. Tidy the Garden

The garden needs to be viewed simply as an extension of the house. Some of us might not be the most green-fingered but for others gardens play an important part in deciding whether a particular property is right for them. So make sure that lawn is cut and those weeds pulled out!

3. Bright & Airey

Make sure the curtains are pulled back and all the light bulbs are working.

4. Appealing Aromas

Don’t forget the sense of smell, a newly cut bouquet of flowers, a brewed pot of coffee or freshly baked loaf of bread can add that inviting homely feeling.

5. Kerb Appeal

Before even scheduling an internal viewing quite a few people will carry out a quick drive past of a property just to find its’ location and see what the surrounding area is like. So it is essential to keep the front of the property tidy and the clean as this will hopefully result in these “drive-by viewers” following up on their interest with a viewing.

How far you go with home-staging is up to you but here at Oliver James we think if you follow these 5 tips then you’re on the right lines to ensuring that your property stands head and shoulders above the competition!

Disclaimer – This is a guest blog written by a third party. This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Right Surveyors Ltd or any of its affiliated companies.