Guest Blog: Utilising the five senses to sell your home

Many homeowners talk about their first buying experience by saying things like, ‘I just knew’ or ‘it just felt right’.

As a seller, it’s important to cultivate an environment that plays to ‘the feeling’ of your home. Think about how new developments have show homes rather than just presenting floor plans. Viewers need to be shown a lifestyle, not just a blank canvas. By playing to all five senses, there is a greater chance that a prospective buyer will be able to picture themselves moving in and result in a sale.


After living in your house for years you can develop blind spots when it comes to signs of wear and tear.

It’s important to walk around your house with buyers’ eyes and take in your surroundings critically. Roping a friend in to point out any cobwebby corners might sound daunting, but could reap massive rewards when you eventually make a sale.

Once you start looking closely at your living space, you’ll notice scuffs on skirting boards and dust on top of cupboards – just remember, it’s better you catch these first as opposed to a prospective buyer. These jobs don’t take long to fix but really bring out the best features of your property.


Buyers like to touch. Often they do so without even realising it. Buyers respond positively when they touch something plush and luxurious feeling, adding texture to your home is a great way of heightening these senses to create a physical memory for prospective homeowners to associate with.

Try strewing a blanket over the end of a bed or the back of a chair, extra white fluffy towels add a feeling of luxury to an otherwise bare bathroom and thick curtains can create a sense of privacy in a bedroom. Equally memorable (and not in a positive way), is when they touch something sticky on a banister or door handle. This can be a big turn-off and is easily avoidable. The same goes for dust, so ensure you whip out the feather duster before a viewing.


It’s impossible to cater for each and every buyer’s preferences, but there are definitely some smells we can all agree aren’t popular – by emptying bins, clearing out any pet litter trays, and cleaning drains is always a good start.

When it comes to fragrancing your home, opting for natural smells as opposed to artificial ones courtesy of plug-ins and candles is probably a safe bet as these can sometimes overpower viewers or cause bouts of allergic sneezing! The smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread are tried and tested tactics.

Good smells encourage buyers to keep looking through your home as they imagine themselves living their version of domestic bliss in your property.


If you live by a main road limit any extra possible noise pollution by keeping the windows closed. Or if your location is peaceful and quiet, why not open the windows and let the bird singing flow through?

If your pipes rattle or your doors squeak, make sure to repair these issues before your home is shown. What a buyer will hear when they visit your property can affect the offer, even if it’s not consciously noted.

It’s also important to listen to feedback – not every viewer will place an offer, but you can learn a lot from any negative comments and ensure you fix any issues before another prospective buyer walks through your doors!


Everybody loves a freebie! Leaving out cold drinks, or offering hot beverages will ensure viewers are comfortable, meaning they will linger longer and have more time to take in your property.

Leaving out delicious treats is a great way of ensuring potential buyers remember your home. Remember the freshly baked cookie smell? Why not let them eat the final product too! You don’t need to lay on an elaborate buffet, simple but homely snacks can go a long way in creating a great first impression.

These tips should help you appeal to all five sense and create a relaxed, clean and homely environment that any buyer can’t resist!

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