Home Improvement On A Budget

We all know that finding money to improve your home is hard to come by and there is nothing wrong with being a bit frugal. I’m sure a lot of us have a couple of rooms in our homes which we would love to spruce up but never seem to have any money to put into it.

Take a look at our tips below on how to get the most for your money.


Paint is the quickest and easiest way to spruce up a room without breaking the bank. Paint can really change a room in the simplest way. If your house isn’t already filled with neutral colours like white and cream it might be an idea to paint them in those shades. These colours are easy to touch up and cost less than coloured pain. You can also buy in bulk; it will be cheaper and you’ll have enough left over for future DIY projects

If you are really looking to save, a great tip is to get a tester pot of a vibrant colour then mix it with a cheap white paint to create the expensive colour you have been after.


If you are a bit of bargain hunter, you will be familiar with days spent in the sun hunting down a bargain at your local car boot sale or browsing your local community ‘for sale’ Facebook page for a potential bargain.

Browsing these pages or going hunting at the car boot is a great way to find furniture for your home. People practically give this stuff away. You can find chairs, tables and other home wares which you could add a lick of paint to and reinvent shabby chic is very much ‘in’. Don’t be afraid to haggle either!


Wallpaper can be expensive, but if you want to change your living room or bedroom you could just put it up on one wall and create a statement wall. I personally love these and they can really change the way a room looks. If you just cover one wall it will be a lot cheaper than trying to cover the whole room in wallpaper (and less hassle).


As summer is here you want to spend more time outdoors so getting your garden in shape is important. You can make a whole lot of difference by just mowing the lawn and tidying up. You can plant bulbs and seeds to bring your garden to life. You can put in some pretty solar power lights to add a magical touch.


You may have some rooms in your house which have become worn and tired looking. Have you ever thought about stripping your carpet and seeing what’s underneath? You might be surprised to find a rustic looking floor which could fit in with your home’s style.

Remember you don’t have to break the bank. Adding small touches like lamps, fresh flowers and even letting light into your home by removing obstructions like net curtains can make the world of difference.