Home Renovations Can Be A Step Towards A Greener Home

Being green and trying to save money is becoming more popular than ever. How many solar panels have popped up around your town? As people are becoming more aware of money and how to get their energy bills as low as possible, they have started to think of ways they can help improve the planet, create an eco-friendly environment to live in and benefit personally at the same time.

Some of these ideas will cost a lot initially but you will make your money back in the long term. When you come to sell your home, potential buyers often love the fact your home is green and it can be a great selling point – particularly if the modifications you choose are subtle and of a high quality.

One of the main points of creating a greener home is saving money wherever possible. Take a look around your home and see how it was built – the roof is a good place to start. It might need replacing with better quality tiles and wood. As 25% of a home’s heat is lost through the roof, you need to check if it has adequate insulation. This is one of the first places to improve if you’re going to renovate. Roof insulation can be expensive to install. But the government’s ECO Scheme can mean your roof is eligible for free insulation.

Another easy way to save money with your property is to turn down your thermostat a few degrees. If you add it up over a year you will see how much money you save. You can also switch off your water when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hair. If you want to help the environment you should seek alternative cleaning products which won’t harm the environment. Things like vinegar, lemon juice, salt and bicarbonate soda are all inexpensive, effective products which aren’t damaging and have been used for centuries.

A great tip would be to install better windows and doors. Old styles can cause drafts and leaks, so all your heat escapes. Special products can be bought to help you reduce draughts in your home if you don’t have the budget for complete replacement. Remember don’t just check your windows and doors, other areas of your home might have them.

Energy saving light bulbs have been around for a while now and they are one of the cheapest ways to help reduce your energy bills. Solar Panels can be costly initially, but are a great answer to obtaining electricity if your roof has a southerly aspect – you can even pocket a few quid for the surplus you don’t use by selling it back to the National Grid.

If you really are feeling like an eco-warrior, you could place water buts under down pipes to collect rainwater for watering you plants. Start a compost pile and you can put all your teabags, vegetable peelings and coffee grinds in it, as opposed to throwing them away in the bin. Recycle as much as you can by heading down to your local recycling centre once a month to get rid of your glass, metal and plastics. You can also put solar panel lanterns in your garden instead of having an outdoor garden light.

These are just a few ideas to make your home more eco-friendly. You can browse the internet or even get in contact with your local council who will be able to help you on your way if you need more.