Keep Your Home Snug In The Winter Time

With Winter drawing in fast, it is important that you make your home ‘winter ready’ and turn it into a comfy haven. Many people struggle to find a way to keep their home cosy without the excessive costs of central heating. The dark mornings and dark evenings can really bring you down.

There are plenty of things that can kill your cosy vibe; the dreaded colds, windows and doors being left open and the freezing temperatures, but not to worry we’ve got some mood-lifting ideas to make your home more efficient, brighter and warmer this winter.

There is no need to crank up the thermostat, just think about replacing your gas or wood fireplace. Why? Well both of these fireplaces suck out heated indoor air and send it right up the chimney. An eco-friendly option is a gel fireplace that produces a burning fire without gas, wood, electricity or even a chimney. If you’re worried about missing the sound of the wood crackling, some gel fires even have this feature. However, if you’re not willing to part with your chimney, there is always another option – a chimney balloon which is placed in the chimney hole and inflated. It is easily kept out of sight, but just be sure not to start a fire whilst it’s still up there!

You also need to seal all those sneaky air leaks, but it’s not just window and door leaks that give you that awful chill. To figure out where they might be hiding, you can use a scented candle that will hunt down these spots but leave behind a homely scent. Walk around your home with the lit candle and note where the smoke is drawn to. DIY draught excluders are a great option and work well in stopping all the heat escaping through the gap between the door and floor.

Use thick curtains to protect your house from losing heat through the windows. Try looking for curtains with a thermal lining and the thicker the better! But remember to let the sunlight in in the daytime as it is a free heat source!

Another heat efficient idea is to invest in double glazing. It is relatively costly but even if you can’t afford this, you can add a special film across single-glazed windows that can imitate the same effect. Attach this using double-sided tape and then fix it in place using a hairdryer. There is a downfall to this excellent plan though… you cannot open your windows without breaking the seal.

It is a myth that keeping your heaters on all day is better than setting timers for your heating. Try and pick times when you know you will be home or even on your way home so that it’s nice and cosy for you once you arrive.

Clear your radiators – move all your furniture away from the radiator, I know it sounds like a great idea sitting by the heat but it is exactly the opposite. The furniture hogs and absorbs the heat.

Whether you live in an apartment, terraced house or a mansion, nobody wants their house to feel unwelcoming. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to have the family round for Christmas before you know it.