How do we design our first home together

Moving in together is one of the biggest steps in a relationship – it can make or break even the strongest couple.

A problem that many experience is a clash over how you’re going to decorate your new home. You want to create a space that you can both call home, but are unsure how to do this without taking full control. Who gets the final say in decorating the place? Will it be a joint decision?

Even if you have been living on your own for a while and making all the important decisions alone, you need to find a style that can suit you both – this isn’t going to be an easy step. As much as it sounds like a difficult challenge though, it can easily be sorted if you take note of these few tips…

Firstly, you need to think about the type of people you and your partner are. If he’s more of a Marvel Comic guy and you love The Only Way is Essex you’re bound to clash on what will go into your rooms. What are your favourite colours? Do you love the colour pink, but they despise the colour? Would your partner prefer a gaming chair in the living room? Find the balance between an interior designer’s worst nightmare and a beautiful looking room.

Find mutual ground and pick colours that you both agree on and a scheme that you both think would look good. You need to understand that it won’t be plain sailing and you will disagree about certain aspects, but remember to allow some personal touches of each other’s interests and tastes.

Now that you’ve sat down and talked through what you both like and dislike, shopping together is the next step. Indulge in some retail therapy to take away the stress of organising. It is a great way to avoid arguments as you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when your partner comes home with an expensive piece of art work that you can’t stand. Besides, this means you can spend some quality time together and may learn more about your other half and their tastes.

Plan and organise your way through your decorating and make sure that you leave yourself enough time for each room, as a half-finished room never looks good. It is also a good idea to make a budget and stick to it. Allow yourself room for some impulse purchases, but make sure that you take into account future expenses property

Cover your bedroom with precious memories of times that you have spent together. Use photographs and gifts from each other to create a room that reflects on your love and warmth for each other. Use your imagination and let the romantic side of yourself come out. Collage frames are always a good option.

Let your hostess/host side run wild in your kitchen. Not only is the kitchen the heart of your home, but it is also sometimes used as a dining room. Try and look for modern crisp work tops for a more elegant look or white cupboards for a vintage look. You could even act out your own Great British Bake Off or Come Dine with Me competition, but remember you will need plenty of storage space to create a clutter free kitchen! Don’t forget to add special touches that make it fit your style.

Don’t worry about whatever mad creative ideas you come up with, it will symbolise you and that is all that matters.

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