Sandy beach, Tips for selling your home while you are on holiday

Tips for selling your home whilst you’re away

When you have a house viewing it is always important to make sure it is looking its best. We all know that nice weather motivates people to view houses more as, let’s be honest, everything looks better on a sunny day. You want to make the most of a nice garden or a conservatory so get everything looking spick and span.

Postponing a viewing for a fortnight while you’re away can run the risk of potential buyers finding another property in the meantime. Most people want things done ASAP so it is vital that you make sure your house is still getting viewings whilst you’re away. All you have to do is let your agents know and they will be able to do the work for you. We’ve got a few tips to help you prepare your house before you go away.

It’s all about the aroma

tips for selling your home, potted plants on windowsill

Letting a small amount of air in can make a huge difference to your house. If you have windows that lock in a vent position then it is a great idea to keep them open whilst you’re away to keep the place fresh. However you do not want to leave your windows open as you want to keep your home safe and it may even invalidate your insurance. If you can’t leave the window on a vent, it may be an idea to place some scented candles around the house or purchase a spray which will automatically go off by itself and you will not have to lift a finger.

The garden is key

Usually your garden is what sells your home. Don’t forget to hide your dustbins, ditch the rubbish, dig out your weeds and cut the lawn before you leave.

Keep your home secure

It is important to tell those you know and trust that you’re going on holiday; that way they can monitor your house while you’re away. Informing neighbours is also a great idea as they will be able to keep an eye out for any unwanted people going near your property.

Sit back, relax and let your estate agent do the work

Now this is the important part, selling your home. All estate agents provide accompanied viewings where they will highlight the main selling points of your home which hopefully you would have discussed with them beforehand and they will show it in its full glory. It will be especially nice while the sun is out and shining and the gardens are blooming. They will be able to provide you with feedback on how the viewings went and you can either read them from a deck chair on an exotic island or simply wait until you get home. So leaving the keys with them is the only thing you have to worry about. However, we do advise that you leave them with your agent, whom you can trust, instead of the receptionist at the front of the office.

If you’re considering selling your home and would like to get a problem checked over before it goes on the market, we’re here to help. We provide independent surveys for all types of issues, for example damp, mould and cracks.