Is your Hallway dull and uninviting?

Need some hallway ideas? Your corridor deserves to be a stylish room of its own! It’s the first thing a guest sees when they walk through your door, so you want to make sure that you’re sending out a warm and welcoming message.

Hallways aren’t always high on the list of decorating priorities, but don’t underestimate how important it is to get it right. From storage and lighting, to furniture and wallpaper, we will give you the essential tips to turn your hallway into the glamorous space you’ve always wanted.


As hallways are so narrow and are only used as a high traffic walk-through area, you can afford to make a statement. Why not use the staircase to attract attention away from a slim hallway? A dark hallway says all the wrong things about your home. Use colour to make the entrance as light and appealing as possible.

Think about painting the stairs and the walls monochrome to keep the scheme looking fresh and uncluttered. If you have a bigger budget, it may be best to go with a super cool and contemporary transparent glass banister. It will open up your hallway and make it feel bigger and brighter! However, don’t forget to buy a high-quality glass polish.

Now not every house has a big five star entrance, so an easy tip for making a compact space feel larger is hanging a mirror. It is also a great and handy spot to check your make-up before you leave home. At least you won’t leave with your rollers in!

If you like to keep your walls neutral, or if you’re renting and can‘t change it, why not opt for a colourful carpet or rug that draws the eye?

Or if that doesn’t take your fancy, you could experiment with eye-catching wallpaper and bright patterns. White walls tend to get grubby very easily and aren’t the best idea if you have children!

Lights, camera, action!

Getting the right light is essential to making your area pop! Make the most of natural light and position spotlights along the corridor. Being both practical and stylish; installing these will be perfect for giving your hallway that welcoming feel.

Sneaky storage

Some of you may remember a blog we wrote about making use of the space underneath your stairs and that is exactly what we think you should do. It is a super-efficient storage zone which could look elegant with a few personal touches. Adding a cupboard with shelving will enable you to hide away shoes and bags and keep them out of sight. Placing a pretty chair in the corner can give you the glamorous look you were searching for.

Storage benches are another useful way to hideaway clutter. Choose one with compartments and load it up with boxes and baskets. Another decorative touch that all key-losers will love is a wire key holder that can simply be mounted to the wall out of the way.

And don’t forget to give your stairs some TLC too!! How is the carpet looking? With so many visitors, it may start to show signs or wear quicker than other areas of the house.

We’d love to hear the personal touches you’ve added to your hallway to make it feel welcoming. Share them with us!