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Mining Survey

The most popular mining survey offered by the Right Surveyors is a Coal Mining Search. These are vital for anyone looking to buy property or land in a coal mining area in England or Wales. We provide a fast, accurate, property-specific and cost-effective coal mining report service for any property in Scotland, England and Wales; searches in England and Wales also include information about any possible “Cheshire brine subsidence” claims.

Subsidence can be a major issue for homeowners, their lenders and their insurers. Our property search service enables you to check if coal mining or brine pumping activity affects your property or estate.

Our surveyors can help you with coal mining, ground stability and all-in-one environmental screening surveys and reports. Please get in touch with Right Surveyors to speak with your local surveyor.

A coal mining report can give you information on:

  • mine entries within 20 metres of a property’s boundaries
  • subsidence claims made about brine pumping from Cheshire salt mines
  • gas emissions from coal mines
  • other coal mining hazards reported in the area
  • plans for future coal mining in the area

Please let us know if you would like other risk factors such as general subsidence, or environmental and flood risk included in your report.

You can call us on 03453879387, freephone 0800 880 6024 or email mining@rightsurveyors.co.uk where one of the team will get back to you and let you know exactly how we can help.

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