Moving in with the one

Are you thinking of moving in with your partner? We know that moving in together can be one of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship, so it’s important to do it right and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

But don’t stress, we have a short handy guide to glide you through the process.

Sort out your finances

It is important to be open with your partner and talk money. The last thing you want is to argue over who is paying for what. Decide whether you plan on opening a joint account to put your fair share of money in to pay for everything. Will you be cutting the costs 50/50? This is what many couples do but if one of you is unemployed this may not be the case.

How much do you own?

As we all know, the dreaded part of moving is transferring all your stuff over to your new place but, you may not have to take all of your items. If you’ve already lived alone, you may well have all the appliances you need.

Before trekking all of your items over, sit down and have a discussion with your partner about what you both have and sell the rest. If you’re not too keen on selling your items, you can always put them in storage or donate them. This will save space in your new home.

As much as you want to put it off, you need to make sure that you decide what you’re keeping and how much space you’ll need for those possessions as it can save you money in the long run. Also, having too many items in your house sometimes makes it look cluttered and it can make an uncomfortable living space and that’s the last thing you want!


Most importantly, you need to decide where you’re going to live. Are you and your partner moving into your place, theirs or a new home altogether? You need to consider what makes the most sense and how much space you will need. If you can’t get that from the studio apartment you’re in, then the answer is simple, move.

It is also important to consider other factors such as the commute to work, what local amenities there are and how suitable it would be for your pet or child.


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