Pimp Your Barn

Unused barns have massive potential when it comes to development. There are lots of things you can do with an old barn, so let your imagination run wild.

Barns are an empty shell which means you can often create the home you’ve always wanted, whether it is a super modern dream home or a picturesque rural home with beautiful countryside views – there are few limits to what you can do.

A rural barn gives you the benefit of location, as they are usually situated on land where it would be almost impossible to get planning permission for a brand new structure. So with an existing barn, you get the advantage of location as well as adaptability.

Before jumping in, you need make sure you have considered the following;


Finding an isolated barn in the middle of the moors may sound idyllic, but you need to make sure it is convenient. See how far away your local shop and school is, as you don’t want to end up travelling miles for that pint of milk.

Water and electric

Does the barn have hot water and electricity? Obviously these points weren’t essential when there were animals living there, but having electricity and hot water is an essential part of human life.


Before you jump the gun and get all excited you need to see if you can get planning permission. Sit down with your local planning officer. They will talk you through the possibilities before you commit any money to the project.


The thing we love about barns is the traditional crumbling build as this gives the building character, but it may not be the safest and could be a massive flaw in your plan. If the barn doesn’t meet the safety requirements, it will need to be totally pulled down and re-built from scratch which will defeat the whole point of undertaking a conversion.


You need to make sure that this is something that you can afford. Start by working out a financial plan, beginning with how much you need to spend. Your budget will need to cover more than just the purchase price of the barn. You will need to cover costs like materials and labour, any new furniture you will need and that all important Survey that you should get.


Unfortunately there is always a downside to renovating a barn. For example, if you want bedrooms on the first floor, the chances are you will have to put up with low crossbeams.

Another problem is privacy. Barns tend to be built reasonably close to each other and some people aren’t that comfortable with that way of living.

Barn conversions are definitely not the cheapest way to enjoy a slice of countryside living, but I absolutely adore them. So don’t give up the opportunity to create your dream home in a beautiful location – just make sure you have done your research before you take the step.

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