Right Surveyors Planning Advice

Planning Advice

Many of our surveyors can offer advice and guidance on planning matters and even prepare and submit the necessary documents to satisfy local authorities and legal bodies. Our range of services extend from simple preliminary advice to the presentation of planning appeals at public hearings and tribunals.

Typically, our surveyors can provide advice on planning matters, agree with the client an appropriate planning strategy or submit a planning application for the required works. Often this may be as simple as an application for a change of use of the premises, but it can range up to complex new-build residential or commercial schemes.

We endeavour to identify if any additional reports or supporting information is required. Sometimes, for example, an “arboricultural” or “highways” report may be necessary, and it is useful to have an expert guide you through this complicated process, particularly when missing some obscure aspect could cause weeks of delays or thousands in unexpected costs.

Refused Applications

Where planning applications have been refused, our chartered surveyors can provide an assessment of the merits and weaknesses of the original application and help find alterations and changes to the design that will allow the submission of an amended application.

Alternatively, where the scheme is appropriate, our planning advice experts can prepare and present what is called a “planning appeal”. It is sometimes possible to prepare and apply for “conservation area” and “listed building” consents in addition. These can be applied for while undertaking assessments and producing the necessary reports on the historic fabrics and building characteristics, to support or object to particular planning and listed building applications.

Of course, what can be offered will differ from practice to practice so we strongly suggest that you contact us to find your local chartered surveyor and discuss the details directly. Please contact 0800 8806264 or email planning@rightsurveyors.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch straight away!

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