Prepare your garden for Summer

Now we’re feeling hopeful this year, as fingers crossed, we’re going to have a super sunny Summer. If we’re lucky enough to have beautiful weather we might as well take full advantage of our gardens. We have gathered together three top tips to get your garden ready for the BBQ season.


I don’t know about you but when the sun’s out all I want to do is lounge. So why not start the dreaded task of weeding now and get it out of the way. It may still be a little gloomy outside but you’ll be glad you started this hated task early so that you can enjoy the view of your garden in peace whilst the sun’s out.

Invite some colour to your garden

What is more inviting than a colourful garden?

Get your garden ready to impress those guests by tending to your pots and plants right away. If you don’t have time to tend to all your plants, head down to your nearest gardening store and find yourself some pre-potted plants that don’t need that much up keep and voilá!

However, this doesn’t just have to be about adding flowers for colour; you can add a splash of colour by painting your original furniture. Paint your watering can, a plant pot, a bench; go wild.

Organic Foods

There is just something about fresh fruit and vegetables; they taste so yummy! Why not save on your weekly shop and plant your own. There are many things you can grow to accompany your salad, BBQ burgers and even your cocktails (strawberries).

Get your green fingers out and get going!