Reasons Why Properties Fail To Sell

If you are thinking about moving house you need to remember that the key is to make your house appeal to potential buyers and not just yourself. This could just mean a few minor adjustments, or a full refurbishment of your house. This could also mean searching around your home for the aspects which could put someone off.

Below you can find five things you should look out for:

Unclean Bathrooms

A bathroom can make or break a property and if it’s not up to your buyer’s standards they might run a mile. Unfortunately bathrooms are susceptible to dirt and mildew, so it is essential that you check it over more than once to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Spend plenty of time cleaning your bathroom if necessary. Add fresh towels and fill up your soap bottles and even add a new rug. Open the windows to let plenty of air in to keep it circulated and feeling fresh for when the potential buyers arrive.


Light can be one of the most important factors when it comes to selling your home. You wouldn’t want to buy a property which was dingy and dark. You would want to see light bouncing off the walls and for it to have a nice airy feeling.

Open your curtains and switch on the lights; this might seem like a waste of energy but you need to take full advantage of them when buyers come viewing.

If your room has a darker theme it is essential that you put every light on to bring the room to life. This can also make it feel more homely.


If you were looking around a house, you wouldn’t want to be hit with the smell of smoke and pets would you? Keeping these bad smells out is essential to selling your home.

Unfortunately you get used to the own smell of your house and forget that they are there. You could use the help of a friend or relative to ask how each room smells.

When you have a potential buyer looking around your property you can entice them with the smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread.

Curb Appeal

In a past blog we identified the importance of curb appeal and it really is important. The outside of your home needs to look as good as the inside. Just think, when you put your property up for sale you need to make it look as appealing as possible so lots of buyers want to come and look around it.

It can easily be done by maintaining your lawn and adding potted plants and flowers. Make sure the exterior of your house looks presentable by tidying up the paint or going for a nice neutral colour with wide appeal.


It is common for homeowners to spread personal things throughout their home, but this can turn off potential buyers. They won’t be able to picture themselves in the property. You need to leave it as bare as possible so that they can paint their own picture of living there.

The final, most crucial, tip is this: If you were in the buyer’s position, would you be pleased and enticed by what you see?