Say Goodbye To Damp

I know from experience that renting a property with damp can be a nightmare. Not only will it ruin your belongings, but it can cause health problems – particularly if you have asthma. Sadly, it is a common problem and can make your rooms feel clammy and uncomfortable.

When you’re not the landlord, you can feel powerless to address things like damp, which can make you want to head for the hills away from the property and all its problems. Whether you have an extremely helpful landlord or someone who doesn’t come around a lot, the problem will still keep occurring unless you change a couple of things. Here are a couple of tips to get this issue well and truly solved and banished forever!

How you might be causing damp:

– Don’t dry your wet clothes on your heaters in the middle of the house – open a window and do it in a room where the door is fully closed.

– In the winter when you leave for work, open your curtains. It may be dark but you need to let the air circulate the property whilst you’re not there.

– Do not block the ventilation such as putting your furniture up against an outside facing wall and covering the air vents.

– Do not restrict the heat to just one room. I know it saves money but you need to keep a constant temperature throughout the house if you can.

– Do not turn your close all your windows at night. Your duvet usually does the job keeping you warm at night but we give off a lot of moisture whilst we sleep so you need to circulate the air.

– Do not shower or cook without the fan on, the window open and the door closed.

– Don’t use portable gas heaters as they release a lot of moisture into the air.

Sometimes it’s not always your fault and it can be caused by several other factors that will make the damp worse:

– There could be a leak which will need repairing.

– There may be a blockage in the drains which can easily be taken out. These are often just moss or leaves.There could be a crack in one of the pipes.

– Water may be coming in from a broken roof tile.

– You may need to get an extractor fan to ease the circulation in the house.

However, do not try and take this problem fully into your own hands. If the problem is persistent and is getting worse then you should talk to your landlord. It is in your landlord’s best interest to get the problem solved ASAP as for repairs, damp can cost anything from £200 – £150,000 depending on how extreme it is.

Why not give our tips a try, let us know what you think and share any more ideas you have with us. Don’t forget if you’re struggling to find the cause of the problem, getting a surveyor’s report can be extremely helpful as the surveyor will be able to explain exactly what is happening and what you can do to resolve it. Feel free to give us a call on – 0800 880 6024.