Sell Your Home This Spring

This is not a typically busy time for the property market but as Spring is nearly upon us, it is a good time to get things in order. There are certain steps which you can take to ensure that your property successfully sells.


Firstly, you should get a Valuation carried out on your property. You can do this either by getting an Estate Agent to do this, or instructing a Surveyor to carry out an independent Valuation. Whichever way you choose it is essential that you get one.

Get the right estate agent

You should ask at least three estate agents to assess your home before it goes on the market. You can ask all three of them about what houses they have sold recently so that you can compare. Make sure you get as much information out of them as possible, compare fees and see when their opening times are.

Having the right Estate agent can really help the sale of your property. Ask around and check out some reviews and find a company which will suit you.


Marketing is essential when selling your home. You should not skimp on certain aspects. Having a top notch brochure can make your property stand out from the rest. Make sure your brochure has a detailed description of each room and also shows detailed floor plans. Even adding little touches such as, a little paragraph about the neighbourhood can go a long way.

Open House

Open house events are really great! This gives potential buyers a real feel of your home. It’s a lot more real if they can come in and look around, instead of looking at a picture in an estate agents’ window or online. If you are feeling particularly generous, serve some champagne and canapés to draw people in.


High-quality photos of your garden and home are a must. Why not even get a drone and get a nice aerial photo of your home. These photos make your property unique and potential buyers can get a feel for the property.


I can not stress how important this point is. Cleaning your home from top to bottom is essential. Try and remove all your personal items like photos and kids toys as these can sometimes put buyers off. Remember that the potential buyers want to see themselves living there.


Whilst your property is on the market, try and keep your calendar empty. It might be a pain but it can really help you sell your home. If a potential buyer has a busy lifestyle they won’t necessarily be free all the time. Viewings are really important so try to be as available as possible.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help sell your property. Just try and be smart about it and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do whatever you can to make it an easy process for them. If you need a Valuation on your property or even a survey on your new home, be sure to call us on 0800 880 6024

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