Right Surveyors Single Fault Asssessment

A single fault assessment is the ideal option where there is just one particular fault or problem with your property. This may be before or after the purchase and is most often required when a property has been in the same occupation for many years at a time.

This fault or problem is analysed and the cause – or probable cause – identified. A proposed course of action is then suggested in order to address the problem itself. Sometimes it may be appropriate for a letter, analysis or report to be prepared for a possible insurance claim.

This is one of our best value-for-money surveys and helps those who wish merely for a specific issue to be addressed.

“Knowing that a professional has inspected and commented on the fault can often give the client peace of mind and allow them to make the best decision regarding their property.”

Sometimes though, the most appropriate kind of inspection can vary for different people, as well as for different properties, meaning personal and tailored advice from an experienced professional is often the only way to really ascertain what you need.

If any part of our description is unclear or you have questions about any aspect of the Single Fault Assessment feel free to get in touch where we will happily put you in touch with the local director himself.

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