Right Surveyors in the South East

Right Surveyors have four practices operating in the South East. Below, you’ll find the name, local director and territory of each surveying practice. The area each practice covers has been highlighted as orange in the thumbnails below. County borders are signified by a dashed white line.

Please select your surveyor by clicking on a map below.

Right Surveyors Sussex and Weald Ltd Map

Right Surveyors Sussex and Weald Ltd

Richard Clayson heads this practice covering East Sussex and West Sussex.

Right Surveyors Thames and Cotswolds Ltd Map

Right Surveyors Thames and Cotswolds Ltd

Ian Dony heads this practice covering Berkshire, Gloucestershire, southern Wiltshire and southern tip of Herefordshire.

Right Surveyors Central London Ltd Map

Right Surveyors London Opportunity

This practice covers the whole of Greater London.

Right Surveyors Hampshire Map

Right Surveyors Hampshire

An opportunity exists for Hampshire and parts Dorset .

If you are in any doubt as to who you need to contact, or if you can’t see your area in the maps above, fear not! Contact us and we’ll scour our large network of property professionals to put you in touch with an approved partner.

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