Ten Top Tips For Better Selling Property Photographs

Great photographs are becoming increasingly essential for marketing a property. More and more people are looking for a home and one of the first things they look for is a picture. Whether this is online or in an estate agent’s window, before they make the next move and enquire, they want to know what it looks like.

A great photograph will instantly catch the eye of a house-hunter. Ensuring that it is a well lit, well proportioned and clear photo will make sure that buyers don’t put your property into their ‘no pile’.

Use a tripod

Although hand held cameras can be great for catching a memorable moment as it happens, a tripod is the best option for getting a focused, sharp photograph. A tripod can also help with getting the right height for your photo. You want to get both the carpet and the ceilings in the photo to make the room look bright and open.

Turn the lights on

It may sound silly having your lights on in the day but it can automatically make a room look warmer and more appealing.

Use lighting equipment

Do as much turning on of your own lights as you can and then it’s time to get some lighting equipment to help illuminate the rooms. You want to avoid showing dark corners as they will not do your home any favours online.


Room preparation will show your prospective buyers how the space can be used. You can do this by temporarily repositioning your furniture to make the room look more spacious and practical. Adding lamps on tables, flowers in vases and setting the table for dinner will make it feel homely and people will be able to imagine themselves living there.

Watch how the light hits your home

Light can change the way your house looks so before taking those crucial shots, take some time to stand outside and see how it looks at different times of the day and different times of the year.

Take your exterior shots in the morning

Although it sounds a tedious task, getting up at dawn will be the ideal time of day to get the best out of your property with regards to photographs. Not only is there fewer people walking about but you will be able to get a spectacular shot. Be careful to keep the sun behind you if you can to avoid glare.

Bubble spirit level

To ensure that camera is in the perfect angel for each room, you can use a bubble spirit level which will stop your pictures from looking uneven.

Processing the image

For those of you who aren’t a whiz at photography, processing is a term for how the image is put through the photography software before it is ready to be used. This stage will improve any imperfections and will enable to sharpen or soften the picture if need be.

Take a photography course

What better way to learn how to take the most amazing photos than a photography course. Most of these courses are at adult education centres which can be found all over the country. It could even be your new hobby!

Get a professional photographer

A very useful and effortless option is hiring a professional to do the work. It is also very cost effective as they’re not too expensive and can make a real difference when selling your home. Particularly if you’re listing the home online yourself, professional photography could really help you stand out from the crowd.

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