To Move Or Not To Move? That Is The Question

Maybe you want to start a new chapter of your life next year? Maybe you’re considering retiring to the countryside? Whatever the reason, you’ll want to ensure you get the maximum price for your home when you do put it on the market.

This isn’t the easiest of tasks, but if you want to get what your home is really worth, then it is essential you don’t put off potential buyers. Here are a few suggestions of small improvements which, in our experience, can go a long way:

When you are preparing to show off your home to potential buyers, it is very important to ensure that it feels homely, yet clean. This is a delicate balance to achieve, but making sure you de-clutter is a sensible first step. This is especially important as buyers want to picture themselves living in their new home. For example, try drawing attention to the kitchen by removing the kettle and toaster – creating a false effect of space.

Don’t neglect your garden. Even if you have a small garden to work with, make sure that it is neatly kept and buy some pretty potted plants and shrubs to give your garden a mini-makeover without having to spend a lot. Potential buyers will want to see an outdoor space which they can image spending time in on those warm summer nights with a G&T or huddled around a roaring fire or fire pit in the winter.

Inside the house, there are two rooms which are incredibly important to buyers when viewing a potential property. First is the kitchen; the heart of the home. As this room is used the most it can be full of wear and tear – chipped paintwork, damaged tiles and marked surfaces. Make sure it is sparkling and clean, touch up any blemishes and hide all that unnecessary clutter. The trick is to put personal preference to one side and concentrate on making the kitchen space attractive and practical.

The bathroom is also important to a potential buyer. Not much will turn them off more than seeing an old fashioned bathroom filled with old shampoo bottles and damp. A gleaming white bathroom suite with clean tiles is always going to be attractive for any buyer – and usually just requires a bit of elbow grease and the right cleaning products to achieve. Using the right storage to hideaway clutter will be easy on the eye and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Above all, plan ahead and ensure that all the work you have done is finished before inviting potential buyers in. Presentation is essential if you’re going to maximise value and saleability.