What Every Family Home Needs

It’s finally that time. Your children have flown the nest and purchased a place of their own. We know it can be hard thinking about your children not living with you but we have 6 uplifting ideas to put you back in a happy mood.

Have you ever thought about what you’re going to do with your new room? Are you the sort of person who is going to try and cling onto their child’s room and try and keep it the same as when they left? Try not get down about this, think of it as a new opportunity to make it into something you love. You could even transform the space into something that will benefit your home and its value.

Room for one more?

Why not change your child’s old room into a spare room. This is a great idea for those of you who’re having a difficult time trying to let go as your kids will now be able to come home at any time and still stay in the same room. This will also mean you can have a few more dinner parties as you will have a safe place for people to stay when they’ve had a few too many drinks!


Many people work from home or are self-employed nowadays so they need a space to work quietly in. Having a study in your house is a great idea and, even if you don’t get much work done in it, you can always store your important documents and paperwork in one organised place.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either; you could simply add a desk, chair and a nice filing cabinet to carefully organise all your paperwork for the house, children and jobs.

Dressing Room

I can say this on behalf of most of the women in the world – having our own dressing room is a dream come true! Now that your child has grown up and left home, you finally have extra storage for all your clothes and shoes. It is a fantastic addition to your home and chances are the room already has wardrobes and draws in from when your children lived there, so there will be plenty of space for all your things. It is also a great excuse to purchase more clothes seeing as you now have the space!

Make sure you make the room your own by adding a lovely vanity table and mirror. This is a perfect way to hide away from the kids in the morning to do your makeup. You also need to think about the lighting and whether you want to change it to go with the room.

Games Room

If your house is anything like mine, it is full to the brim with Xboxes, Play Stations and Wiis etc. Having a games room will allow you to have
peace in the rest of your house whilst your kids (or in my case, myself) have lots of fun playing their favourite games behind a closed door.

You could even invest in some new bigger games once you have a dedicated room. Ping-Pong and a pool table are worth purchasing, as they’re great when you have your friends and family over.


We know it’s not everyone’s favourite idea, but as getting to the gym can be expensive and time consuming it may be food for thought to create your own at home. We could all do with being a little fitter so why not invest in a few pieces of equipment and enjoy a quick workout session in your home. The possibilities are endless, but having the option at your fingertips will change your whole view on exercise forever.


Always dreamed of your own little haven? Are you always being distracted by everything around you in your lounge or kitchen? Creating a relaxing snug might be the one for you! Why not fill the room with candles and move all your books into a corner. This can be your little sanctuary that will be a perfect place to retreat to after a long day. Filling the room with beanbags and comfortable chairs and decorating the walls with warm colours will give you that relaxed feeling.

What are you thinking of doing with your spare room? We’d love to hear your wonderful, weird and wacky ideas.