What Are You Going To Do With Your Baby's First Room

Are you due to have your amazing baby soon but stuck on ideas for their room? Do you have no idea what theme to go for because you don’t know their gender yet? If you’re struggling with these questions this short blog should be able to help you.

Decorating a baby’s nursery can be a very exciting time. It allows you to create a special place for both you and your baby to spend time in. Surprisingly there is a lot more to it than putting up wall paper or painting the walls. As we all know, your baby learns a lot from the environment they are in so you need to give consideration to how you can make a calm and secure place for your baby.

Release your creative self and get stuck in!



Now this does all come down to your personal preference but a few ideas from out of the box can sometimes be nice. You don’t have to stick to those gender typical colours, although pink is a great colour.

Due to the sheer fact that contrasting colours stand out from each other, they are actually better to see for young children than ones that complement each other. These colours can be stimulating for your baby so don’t feel like you have to plan your colour scheme too carefully.

Lilac is a great colour for a girl’s room as it creates a relaxing and soothing vibe.


Subtle pastel colours can give off a delicate and feminine atmosphere. These are colours such as pinks, purples, mint and lemons. Adding frills, bows, lace and soft fairy lights can bring that sparkle you’re looking for.

Using different patterns as well as contrasting colours will give a layered up, textured feel to the room and your baby will have more things to look at.

Have you ever thought about creating your own little jungle? Jungle-themed nurseries are a great excuse to create a wall mural! It’ll be a lot of fun to do as there are so many things you can paint and make! Be creative and make this room into a little safari park! You even could hang monkeys from the wall! A jungle room calls for lots of giant lions, giraffes and monkeys!

Wallpaper the walls with trees and animals and put paper vines in the doorway to make it look more realistic. You could also criss-cross the vines around the room for the ‘monkeys’ to swing from. Another great idea is drawing on the ceilings! If you’re feeling bold, don’t be scared to add bright, rich colours and fun accessories. This will be a great stimulation for your baby.

This can be a great room for a boy too!



White, cream and lemon are great neutral colours that can put a delicate touch on any room. If you don’t know the sex of your baby, this is a great idea.

When mixed and layered, blues and greens can look very calming and can give a simple toned effect.


Farm animal wall art of sheep, cows and ducks can bring a fresh, fun and lively animal theme to the room. Oranges, greens and browns can create the perfect room for your little boy.

For a great woodland theme use browns, creams, greens and burnt orange colours to create a nature inspired room. Add decorations and stencilled artwork of animals such as hares and badgers to make it feel like you’re really there.

Another great idea is to paint one wall or a section of a wall with blackboard paint. This is a great idea to bring the artistic side of your child out as they get older. They can scribble silly doodles, practice their letters and learn new things.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to the set ‘boy theme’ or ‘girl theme’-make the room your own. Why not try out some of these ideas and make your own perfect nursery?

And don’t forget to send us a picture!